The House of Flint

The House of Flint itself is twenty years (and counting) in the making. This build is truly the embodiment of slow living, and the inspiration behind the work done within it today.

Inside, seven people and three occasionally obedient dogs live and work. My father designed the House and builds it himself, brick by brick, slowly taking form around us. My mother, when she has the time, makes beautiful pottery to fill it. They both have long kept us fed and watered from the land. My sister is the brains behind Creative Countryside, the magazine and community dedicated to slow and seasonal living. Whilst she writes, my brother-law works on his forge and beehives - while my nephew does his very best to distract them both. My husband is the brewer of our little tribe, currently we have ciders from the orchard, a foraged bramble wine and a mixed fruit concoction that smells divine. For myself, I create the clothing you will find here.

My intention is to share the making of my garments and any exciting updates, but Iā€™m sure the lives of those around me will soon tumble through. For that is how we live in the House of Flint - together and generally in each others space, but happily, and yes, slowly too.