The Story of the Series Coats

To find the beginnings of our Series Coats, you must follow the footpath behind the house to reach the old plough, rusting alone in the grasses. The old plough may not get up to much these days, but as it lays by the well-trod footpath it may yet catch your eye. What relative ease this machinery must once have provided!

Today, thought it sits unused and unloved, I took note of the beauty it still holds and the memories it keeps hidden. And here, the first coat of our Series began.

A romantic beginning, to be sure, but these Series Coats are truly unique. Intricate pattern pieces are developed through each Edition as scraps used from the previous iterations are repurposed and given new life with colour and embroidery. Only one of each Edition is ever made as the pattern changes depending on what fabric remains.

Soon to be available in our online shop, make sure you let us know if one has already caught your eye so you don’t miss out.

Garment LaunchJessica Townsend