How to wear: The Ultimate Linen Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is so versatile as you can utilise the waist fastening to tie it into multiple styles. I love to tie it tightly at the front to nip in at the waist, but it can be tied loosely for a more relaxed look, or at the back to create a completely new look all-together. The beauty of the waist tie is that it stems from the shoulders, crossing over the back before looping round the waist. This means you can also alter the depth of the neckline too!

This time of year the wintry chill means it’s impossible to wear without jumpers, coats and scarves to layer up, but I can’t wait for the warmer weather to team up with with some stripey vests and our (soon to be released!) Shard Shirt in lightweight linen. Until then…

How to StyleJessica Townsend