Nature in Fashion

Is it possible to create that same feeling of awe one feels when confronted with a majestic waterfall or star-filled sky when presenting a piece of clothing?

For some, with intricate embellishment and hours and hours of work, this can certainly be achieved, but in day-to-day clothing this may be a little distracting. Therefore the key to exploring the beauty of nature in terms of fashion is in the details, and it is here that we can tell part of our story and find those connections. For the dress you wear to work to be inspired by the lemon fragranced happy pheromones of bees or to know the design began with a sheep called Elvis would surely brighten your day. Not only that but it will consciously connect you to what you are wearing as well.

Fashion brand ZoZa at one point “sewed thoughtful messages such as ‘Don’t be tense. Be present.’ In unusual places inside their garments” thereby creating that emotional attachment. However, the reasoning behind storytelling within the garments does not only work in terms of sustainability, to encourage the wearer to keep the garment longer, it is also to help the consumer be more mindful in life itself.

All of my garments have a story behind their design, and begin in nature primarily.

The first dress I designed began in a field, with a sheep called Elvis. Elvis is a lovely old chap with beautiful horns, the spirals in which I drew and drew until yet more shapes were found within. These shapes became pleats and folds which grew around the body to become - the Fold Dress.

Each garment in the shop has a story like this - I hope this helps to create a lasting connection between customer and clothing, between customer and nature.