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The New Fold Dress in Ginger

The New Fold Dress has been so popular I couldn’t wait to make it in another colour. I’ve been making the Ultimate Linen Jumpsuit in this lovely Ginger colour but in a heavier linen and I’ve fallen in love with this shade! In the cooler months it’s the perfect match for autumnal tones over tights and socks, but come spring this will brighten any wardrobe like sunshine on a grey day!

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The Story of the Series Coats

To find the beginnings of our Series Coats, you must follow the footpath behind the house to reach the old plough, rusting alone in the grasses. The old plough may not get up to much these days, but as it lays by the well-trod footpath it may yet catch your eye. What relative ease this machinery must once have provided!

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