Living Slowly - A Blurb

Living Slowly - a blurb

So, slow living - scary thought, right? Feels like taking a step back or like you’ll have to live in a wooden hut in the back and beyond and survive on one apple and a handful of questionable mushrooms each day (weirdly specific, I swear I haven’t actually done this). But fear not, as slow living in its simplest form is just being mindful.

Ever wonder why that trip of a lifetime seemed to be over in the blink of an eye, or that expensive chocolate you were saving disappeared before you were even halfway through the Game of Thrones intro? We don’t take the time to linger on those little moments, to savour them as we should, so we are left starving of a real connection to our lives.

Phew, heavy stuff I know, and I’m the first to admit that finding time to linger on the little things is nigh on impossible at times. But that is okay. Slow living demands nothing of you; it won’t disown you if time dictates you act fast and urgent. But when it is time to be slow - when touching, tasting, listening (hell, lets go for all the senses), seeing or smelling – then be slow. Pay attention, on purpose, and be present.

Slow living can be done anywhere, as essentially, it is the pursuit of a life well lived.

To start I have begun to linger on my food (much to my husbands annoyance – he’s an eat quick, talk later kind of guy) and be more conscious of what I’m putting in my body. I watch the flames dance in our fireplace of an evening, and tell myself to really feel a happy moment, even something so simple as my dog wagging her tail in her sleep. It helps to write these things down (hence this blog), as my thoughts tend to consistently fly out my head.

And this brings me to my next endeavour – organisation. I dream a little dream far too often and then bemoan that it did not come true. To connect to my life I must return to reality (a sobering thought), and make these reveries real. So, to it! A plan in place and a calendar of hard work - and purposefully happy moments - lies ahead!

If you feel like joining me for a while then remember - do one thing at a time. Enjoy the moment, taste and touch, and live your life intentionally.