Our House of Flint is hidden in the depths of the Lincolnshire Wolds, where a hive of activity takes place, including the creation of our slow and sustainable fashion. Here we create versatile, long-lasting clothing that will take you through each season, offering simplicity, function and comfort.

Handmade to order, we take pride in the slow crafting of each garment to ensure you receive a beautiful piece that is fit for purpose and ready to be worn time and time again.

Our garments all begin their journey in the countryside where we live. Our first piece, The Fold Dress, began with a sheep called Elvis. The pleats and folds within this dress grew from the spirals of his horns, and inspired multiple variations thereafter. To find the beginnings of our Series Coats, you must follow the footpath behind the house to reach the old plough, rusting alone in the grasses.

In the House of Flint our family live and work, not only on these garments, but on a magazine, a book, a beehive, a forge, a potter's wheel and a brewery - to name a few. The House itself is twenty years (and counting) in the making and we intend to grow our products (almost) as slowly and organically, with a monthly release of one garment only.

Take a look at the Journal to follow us on our slow and steady pursuits at House of Flint.

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