Love our garments but struggling with the pricing? Slow, sustainable fashion is about investing in items that will last, that have been made fairly, where fabrics are manufactured ethically, and time is taken over each piece stitched. This does generally mean a higher price tag too. On the plus side encourages us to spend wisely, and buy things we truly love and intend to wear again and again. However, it does also make things tricky for those of us without the immediate funds to purchase. I’ve long thought about, and experienced, this struggle, which is where the idea for this payment plan began.

Decided which garments you’d like to buy? Input your details below to gain access to your desired item on our pay half now, half next month plan. Once I have received your message I will send you a direct link to the page where you can make your first payment This will be sent again 4 weeks later for you to complete your payment in full. Your order will be made in the interim period and shipped as soon as the second payment is made. Our shipping times are generally 3 weeks so do let me know if you’d like to complete your payment early and receive your garment a week earlier!

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